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Discover spectacular fishing in the Skeena region

About SAGA

Skeena Angling Advisory Team

At the Skeena Angling Guides Association (SAGA) our mission is simple: to unite angling enthusiasts and represent their interests in the Skeena region. We are the voice of our members, providing valuable input through the Skeena Angling Advisory Team.

Our guides came together with a shared goal in mind: to raise the profile of our region and showcase the benefits of professional guided fishing experiences. Our members are professional, licensed, insured, and guided by a code of conduct.

When you choose a guide from SAGA, you can expect an exceptional angling experience. Our guides have the expertise, experience, and passion to ensure your time on the water is safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

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World class fishing

Picture yourself surrounded by stunning landscapes, where every cast holds the promise of an exhilarating catch.


The Skeena region offers an abundance of wild fish (including our world famous salmon fishery) and diverse rivers.


With a mild climate for most of the year, you can cast your line four seasons of the year. 

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